Bin Sizes

4 Cubic Meter

6 Cubic Meter

8 Cubic Meter

10 Cubic Meter

12 Cubic Meter

30 Cubic Meter
Need a Skip Bin?

VIC Bin Hire provides a wide range of skip bin hire service for both commercial and domestic use in Melbourne.

Our Skips are Easy
Our skips are easy and practical to use and are able to harbor a wide spectrum of waste streams including concrete, brick, plastics, hardcore, timber, and mixed household and commercial debris.
What Skip is Appropriate
All skip dimensions are approximate and are exclusively intended as a protocol only, please invoke to our guide professionals to know what skip is appropriate for your needs and what you are actually able to fill in your selected skip with.
Complete Analysis to Hire
Select a skip by going through all its forms and complete analysis to hire a skip service. Alternatively give our expert a call to discuss your needs.